3rd Journey 2015 in OJIRINUMA, lake in OKUNIKKO

10460708_1002741666402562_7978272617171154742_nIt works had been accumulated , but decided to go fishing only in the morning . This is OJIRINUMA, lake in OKUNIKKO.

We can not fish everyday here. We can fish a few days in a year.

I got a chance to fish here.  I was lucky. If you want to fish here, please reserve following URL.


It is very hot day, temperature 28 ℃. But the rainbow trout is very fine. Many trout has jumped in order to eat insect.

It is easy to catch big fish in OJIRINUMA, if you have many color of fly. The fish ignore red fly, today. The fish chase black fly, but no hooking. I could catch 5 fish by yellow fly.

Today’s big fish is 60cm of rainbow trout. I could 3 fish more than 50cm. I caught 40cm of rainbow trout.

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