New rod test fishing

scottr-thumb-500xauto-4628I lost fly rod ” Scott A2 906 6 9’0″ 3.1 oz”. I buy new rod “Scott Radian 906/4”.

I went to fishing in OZENJI, near by my house in order to  test new rod.

OZENJI  is famous flyfishing park in kanagawa prefecture. OZENJI is near by KAWASAKI Interchange in TOMEI highway. OZENJI is where the well came to the practice of fly fishing 10 years ago .

New rod is very good. It is easier than old one to throw away fly hook.

I buy fishing ticket for 3 hour. I start fishing, I tested dry line and sinking line. It is very nice. I caught 5fish.

Japanese only / barblesshook only / Fly only area and lure only area/ BBQ area / restrant /