Fly fishing for rainbow trout in Lake Sugenuma


I went to Lake Sugenuma in Okunikkou, Japan.
This lake is special lake. Because everyone can not fish in this lake.
Fisherman needs pre-resavation and permission.
About 20 fisherman can fish in this lake per day.
So the condition of this lake is almost good, every day.
At that day, I could catch 50cm and 45cm of rainbow trout. This is average size in this lake. If you want good fly fishing in Japan, I want to recommend this lake. Beautiful lake, pure water, beautiful big trout are waiting for you.



SUGENUMA is not famous fly fishing spot in Japan. But thare are many big rainbow trout. It is easy to fish big one. Average size of rainbow trout 40cm – 60cm.
Number of anglers may enter the lake per day has been limited in SUGENUMA. So if you go there, you will see beatiful nature and fish.

Barblesshook only
Lure fishing and fly fishing only
Advance reservation
Boat fishing only

For good fishing
Because food is low in the water, where the river is flowing is a good point  in SUGENUMA.  For example, right side of boat shed is good. some river is flowing. To stop the boat at the position 30m from the shore, it is better to cast toward the shore. Thare are many boat. So you can find good spot easily. Rainbow trout is a migratory fish. Without moving the boat Once you catch one fish, then it is good to continue fishing on the fly.

Fee of boat and fishing

 4655-17 Ohaza Higashi-Ogawa, Katashina-mura, Tone-gun, Gunma Prefecture.

TEL 0278-58-2958 (Japanese only)
FAX 0278-58-2958