Fly fishing for Japanese Hachen “ITOU” in KUSHIRO, HOKKAIDOU

13077023_1184300028246724_1840327082881516639_n-thumb-autox666-13666To fish a Japanse Hachen “ITOU” is this year’s  my goal. Japanse Hachen “ITOU” inhabits in Hokkaido.

I went to famous hachen river “BEKKANBEUSHI river” in HOKKAIDO. I leave the hotel at 7 o’clock. The guide picked up and drive for 40-minute to the base camp places in the vicinity of Bekanbeushikawa. So getting ready, transfer the car, running for about 5 minutes while towing the boat.

We ride the boat at small river. I started the casting while down leave the ship to the flow of the river.

“BEKKANBEUSHI river” is narrow and slow river. Japanese hachen inhabit near the riverbank. So I need casting in correct.

Good fly is streamer like a surf smelt.
Slow retrieve is good.

As the result I caught 2 of Salvelinus Leucomaenis.
I could not catch Japanese Hachen.
But I enjoyed fly fhishing and big nature in Hokkaido.