6th FlyFishing in OKUNIKKOU 2014

This is the last fishing 2014. I went to HIGASHIKOYA-LAKE in OKUNIKKOU, 24th, November, 2014. There are many big trout in this lake.  Last week 78.6cm of rainbow trout was caught. I went to HIGASHIKOYA-LAKE in order to catch 70cm of rainbow trout. It is mostly sunny day, water temperature 9.3°C. It is very good condition for Trout fly fishing.

I tried to several times cast, there was a hit suddenly strong. For a few minutes, I could see big fish. But I lost big one in front of me….It was a very disappointing. I guess that fish is 70cm..

10384928_891865064156890_2924036023922913673_nAfter all, I could catch 3 small rainbow trout. I could not get big fish, but  it is very fun. Because let blue sky and clear water, cool wind refreshing me.